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She grabbed him by the collar and pulled him onto her mouth aggressively wrapping her lips around his in a unsubtle yet heated lip lock. Sexy british indian girls. Jack blushed a bright red immediately and nodded.

A sweet little femme by the name of Flame wakes up in a dark, filthy cell with retrograde amnesia. Transformers prime naked. Jack's mind was so filled with confusion and rage it still had not dawned upon him that he was looking "down" at Megatron. If it wasn't for Megatrons new "pet" project he would be breaking in his new tires.

She started banging her head against his crotch area harder and faster than before, the succulent pull she held over his dick was intense and her talent was admirable given her inexperience. Who knows, but I do know what I want…I think. End of chapter One Next chapter: Soundwave leaned over the mech's shoulder, confused and shocked. Cybertronians to Humans 2. Org is not in any way associated with or related to FanFiction. Jack smiled at Arcee's comforting words and thanked her.

S I know it is a bit of a huge download, but I think it's worth it. Hot girls tits nude. Join us today in ringing in the exciting new part of the fandom with this awesome group! Jack smiled at the sight, he had wanted to ask if Arcee wanted any breakfast but looking at her now, he didn't want to disturb her from her sleep. I might actually like this more than guitar playing. Within her dream she had impaled Airachnid and watched thousands of tiny metal spiders swarm and begin to devour her. Optimus who had been looking the weapon over, spoke up before Ratchet could argue.

Transformers Prime and Naruto! Half an hour passed and the two were sitting on the couch playing a racing video game this time, but now some odd effect came over Miko gradually during close sit next to Jack. Silas' skin was swollen and red on his cheeks, around his eyes, and he had some developing red bumps on his arms. After the crash of the Alchemor, she has decided not to ever again take a kill mission. Arcee sighed, she was being stupid and she knew it, Jack would always prove himself to her, and he would do so even if she didn't ask for it, this was his dedication to her, his love for her, and she knew she could ask no more of any being.

Jack Darby was a normal human that worked with the Autobots in their fight against the Decepticons Switchshade has always had a weak spark.

OMG funny XD I think calling out the wrong name was the funniest mostly because fan of the breakdown knock out paring. Till the stars burn blue by urnotGheng Fandoms: Stay tuned for links to the episodes as they arrive! While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

I really do, besides.

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Arcee lathered Jack's erection with her tongue as more and more slid into her mouth, his cries and moans of joy were exciting her further and further, and the initial joy and pleasure that she could now please her lover in such an intimate and sexual way was itself alone making her hot and horny, but the additional cries only intensified it.

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Knowing what she wanted now, and damn the consequences when she would obtain it, Miko took action. Lesbian wedding picture ideas. Top of Work Index. Jack had begun breathing a little faster in light of her footwork to his groin, the two teens masturbated each other for roughly five more minutes until Miko spoke. Born in London, Lucy has come a long way to gain a normal life after a terrible ordeal has left her orphaned.

Luckily, the others are there to support Bumblebee. Optimus in a rare moment for him looked at his allies walking away to do what they wanted, he smiled warmly towards them, Ratchet caught him and raised a brow. Transformers prime naked. Wheeljack was doing something in cabinets. I need a human. Her questions were answered by the return of the filling feeling, but at a whole new level, she didn't feel like she was being filled she felt she was being stuffed.

Optimus was out seeking energon and Wheeljack was traversing the globe or outer space doing who-knows-what, but simply it was another day for Jack Darby. She a powerful Cybertronian soldier, felt submissive to a human. Bond girls nude photos. I'll be back" he said as his blush began to fade and ran out of the garage. But he would, God and Primus as his witness, he would find it. Jack pulled out suddenly leaving in only the head of his erection before slamming himself back inside her, Arcee cried out of pleasure as Jack continued to thrust in and out of his horny girlfriend.

Arcee sighed, she was being stupid and she knew it, Jack would always prove himself to her, and he would do so even if she didn't ask for it, this was his dedication to her, his love for her, and she knew she could ask no more of any being. Jack smirked seeing the eyes of his love literally light up as she smiled upon tasting her first food and watched as she happily dug into various other things on her plate.

Top of Work Index. Kieran Same exp 5 years difference. My apologies on behalf of the group, it went through a sleeping period and then changed hands. If nothing came up at the Autobot base that is. You up for a rematch are you going to sulk over me beating you finally? Optimus who had been looking the weapon over, spoke up before Ratchet could argue. Vintage lesbian porn pictures. Her slightly dark nipples stood perfectly on her mounds leaving Jack to nearly drool. Arcee ogled it, as if seeing it in a whole new light, the possibilities now becoming a reality.

A Prime stood up for a planet of armistice and yet he caused many others to divide loyalties in a war-torn battlefront he helped create. Slutty Bee by BelovedShadow for sugadoejisko2ijskotfamonk Fandoms: Most of all, have fun! With one final look at Jack she tugged her panties off and dangled them on her feet before kicking them away. Heat overwhelmed the lovers as their danced the ancient dance of love.

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